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The CARE products have the koala as mascot. This protected animal species lives mostly in Australia and feeds itself with eucalyptus leaves. Deforestation is the reason why its natural habitat is threatened. Our sustainable CARE products are produced from the lyocell fibre Tencel®, a vegetable fibre, which comes from the wood of the eucalyptus tree. Don’t worry, the fabrics we buy, are issued from responsibly managed forests. The wood was granted the European PEFC label and the international FSC label.

In comparison to the production of cotton, Tencel® requires less surface for 1 ton fibres and also 10 times less water usage. Moreover, the production plant for Tencel® is CO2 neutral whereas the CO2 footprint for cotton is much higher.

Tencel® ensures the wearer’s comfort, as the fabric absorbs 50 % more moist than cotton: its natural properties ensure the evaporation of moist, while fresh air penetrates to the skin, offering the wearer a feeling of freshness. The fibre is pure, soft and natural and is appropriate for persons with sensitive skin. The soft feeling is enhanced wash after wash. The fibre is hygienic, with a low buildup of bacteria thanks to moisture transfer through the core of the fibers. Infection risks and odors are minimalized without the use of chemicals.

Tencel® fabrics are sustainable, long lasting and strong as well in dry as in wet condition. They are also crease resistant and easy to wash.


(Different colors available on demand)


A-green tunic Victoria Alsico

TUNIC | Victoria
Ladies  BICOLOR | XS-2XL

50% PES / 50% Tencel®
LENGTH S = 75cm

A-green trouser Queensland Alsico

TROUSER | Queensland
Unisex  UNICOLOR | 2XS-2XL
50% PES / 50% Tencel®