Employee responsibility
Employer attractiveness

Alsico is a “Faminational” with the right values of a family company and the positive values of a multinational (focused on result, innovation...). As company of the future, Alsico cares for its employees and encourages their empowerment. We understand that diversity goes beyond fair hiring practices and protection for all employees. While our differences shape who we are as individual employees, our shared corporate culture and values lead to our mutual success.

Employer attractiveness

Finding the right co-workers is a fundamental tier of our strategic HR policy: the right person in the right place. We recruit through different channels. First of all we give the opportunity to our own people and publish vacancies internally. If there are no candidates, the vacancy is published on our website and sent to several local recruiting partners. It is also published on different job websites and posted on Facebook and LinkedIn. Our HR department is organizing a database where it keeps track of all potential candidates in order to constantly dispose of a pool of potential employees. This database will be ready by 2017. Small things matter: we respond to all applications, also those coming from trainees.

Training and continuing education

To make sure that employees meet the necessary competences, Alsico has elaborated a training program organized in function of the needs and demands of the organization. Every new employee is coached by a mentor during his first year of service for the company. Assessment interviews are to be organized in order to install a strategic development plan. One of the four pillars of our Alsico Academy is ‘Knowledge Distribution’. Several plans exist to continuously offer our people the possibility to train and learn. Evaluation forms are completed by the trainees after every training, which allows us to adapt trainings where necessary. These forms will be digital in the future. This will give us the possibility to measure the satisfaction rates more accurately and to react faster if needed.

Occupational health and safety

Organisation and guidelines

Demographic change and the transformations in the working world affect the performance of our employees. This creates a requirement for forwardlooking sustainable solutions aimed at maintaining the health and physical well-being of employees. The committee for prevention and protection at work is responsible for occupational safety which includes all measures for the prevention of work accidents, work related illnesses, and occupational diseases. Its main objective is “well-being”, in the broadest sense of the word. Monthly meetings of the committee for prevention and protection at work are organized. The Prevention department also organizes the periodical calls for medical checks and the annual flu vaccination sessions.

Diversity management

We encourage every form of diversity: from cultural, social and ethnical diversity, to diversity of talent and also of language, because we believe that diversity is the norm. For us, every employee matters and every function is important. It is the right combination of all those talents which leads to success. Alsico people around the world work in an environment where diversity – including diversity of thought – is the norm. We encourage every individual to self-development and we believe that this helps to create client innovation in every part of our business.

Figures workforce

Whereas from 2013 to 2015 we see a downward trend of the total number of people with a primary and secondary education level, the total number of higher educated employees has increased.

Employee responsibility