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Alsico NV as part of Alsico Group

As the historical headquarters, Alsico NV in Ronse has played an important part in the coordination and development of the company. (All the figures and facts in this report are Alsico NV related, except if mentioned otherwise.)

Alsico NV is part of Alsico Group, which has over 80 years of experience in the confection of corporate clothing. Alsico is a family company which has grown into a multinational. The group has conducted its business since 1934 in a correct and honest way, respecting the actors throughout the entire value chain. These values and convictions of good governance are common to all business units. Through the years, the group has always put the people first as they are its single most valuable asset.

Today Alsico Group counts more than 7000 people, which means 7000 families we are responsible for. All over the world, we support our people by investing in them, by investing in local projects and by investing in their community. Alsico is a “Faminational” with the right values of a family company and the positive values of a multinational. Our multinational character and global presence makes is possible to manage a large diversity of customers and contracts. We have full control over production capacity and control chain, which results in flexibility and reactivity. This also guarantees continuity in case of unforeseen circumstances. As company of the future, Alsico cares for its employees and encourages their empowerment.

We understand that diversity goes beyond fair hiring practices and protection for all employees. While differences shape each individual employee, Alsico’s shared corporate culture and values lead to mutual success. Sustainability forms an integral element of our strategy. Sustainable operations support all business targets and form a core part of daily operations, management and decision-making.

Carrying responsibility for finances, the environment, personnel and purchasing makes Alsico a reliable and stable partner for customers. Continuous dialogue with customers and development of operations ensure that our products and services meet customer needs and that they are produced sustainably.

The produced garments are of high quality, industrial laundry resistant and last long. Alsico’s added value is achieved by continuous innovation and improvement of garments in terms of comfort, style and looks. For the processing of worn clothes, Alsico has developed a recycling program: at the end of its life, garments are collected and recycled into acoustic and thermic isolation material.

This year, we started to centralize all our efforts in sustainable development and corporate responsibility and it is our objective to treat this topic on group level from 2017 onwards in order to create more uniformity for Alsico Group and all its entities.


The name Alsico comes from its founders: “AeLvoet + Siau + COnfection”. Founded in 1934 , under the name “Etablissements de Confection Aelvoet”, by M. & Mrs. L. Aelvoet., the name has been changed by Gaston Siau (1947, 2nd generation) to ALSICO. Today, the company is run by Bernard Siau (1982, third generation) and meanwhile, Mr Bernard’s sons, Vincent & Gauthier are actively present since 2015.

Our mission

Our mission is to design, produce and provide quality workwear to our customers. By doing so, we help our customers focus on their core business. Working clothes should be comfortable and permit employees to work properly and safely. We add value through innovation and continuous improvement on fit and style, on looks, but especially on comfort. We engage long term relationships with our clients by understanding their needs and offering a full service at competitive prices with focus on corporate responsibility. As we are part of the Alsico group, we can make use of its production facilities and guarantee supply all over the world. Alsico is more than workwear.

Alsico today

Alsico Group

Worldwide, the group employs over 7,000 people and produces 350,000 pieces of garments per week, which results in a consolidated turnover of 225 million euro. The past two years, consolidated Group turnover has increased by 10% due to an increased geographical footprint worldwide.

Alsico NV

As the historical headquarters, Alsico NV, situated in Ronse, has played an important part in the coordination and development of the company. Alsico employs over 100 people and has a turnover of € 32 million. Over the past two years, turnover dropped by 2% due to a decreasing demand on domestic market. The markets served are situated in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany.

For 2016, the Alsico Group forecasts a further moderate growth worldwide and a recovery on its domestic market.

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