Product responsibility

A-Quality and industrial laundry resistant

In all our processes, sustainability comes first, which leads to high quality garments. All our work wear is industrial laundry resistant and lasts long. This way we keep the Total Cost of Ownership for the customer as low as possible.


In order to fulfill our mission and respond to multiple sectors, we have divided our collections into three segments: CARE – INDUSTRY – IMAGE+ and an umbrella collection, SHAKE YOUR STYLE.

The CARE collection, especially designed for the care sector consists of several fashionable clothing lines, each available in several color combinations. Every clothing line offers a total package and has been designed to dress every function of the care facility and guarantee a uniform image to the outside world. Freedom of movement and wearer comfort are obtained thanks to the A-move.

The INDUSTRY collection contains a large range of PPE (CE certified), but also basic and functional workwear. Besides a large standard collection, designed for men and women, which is on stock, Alsico is specialized in projects. This personalized clothing is entirely designed to the customer’s corporate design and meets the customer’s specific needs in terms of image, colors and functionality.

The IMAGE+ collection focuses mainly on professionals in the hotel, catering and service sector. This collection is characterized by the diversity of colors and ease of maintenance.

Our fourth collection, Shake Your Style, offers the customer the opportunity to co-create his own workwear thanks to a configurator on our website. Innovation in the production chain permits short production and a competitive price. The collection consists of polos, tunics and aprons, all available in different color combinations.


We serve different types of customers:

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is measured yearly by a customer satisfaction survey with questions regarding: product specifications and quality, service level satisfaction, conformity of deliveries and respect of delivery deadlines. From 2013 to 2015, there has been an evolution in the way customer satisfaction is measured. Whereas in 2013, customers were contacted by phone, in 2014 and 2015 customers were approached by email. This way of proceeding has the advantage that people respond on a free basis, which leads to more neutral results. In 2015, only 24 out of 442 people completed the survey. By 2016, we will increase our response rates.

Overall impression

The survey shows that the total number of satisfied customers (good + very good) slightly dropped in 2014. In 2015, we see that this number has more or less stabilized. The following diagrams focus on key performance indicators which allow us to measure customer satisfaction.

Reliability on confirmed deadlines

In 2014, reliability on confirmed deadlines was less satisfactory, while in 2015, 60% of the customers who responded to our survey were satisfied about our delivery times.

Quality is satisfactory

This chart shows that our customers are satisfied about the quality of Alsico products. In 2013 the results show a satisfaction rate of 79 % for 100% in 2014 and 96 % in 2015.

The product corresponds with technical specifications

The results for this question are in line with quality and show that the customers who responded to the survey were satisfied in 2013, but that the rate of satisfaction was even better in 2014 and also 2015.

Deliveries are conform

When it comes to conformity, from 2013 to 2015, we see a steady growth in satisfaction rate. In 2015, 83 % of the customers were satisfied, for 60% in 2014 and 58% in 2013. The percentage of non-satisfied customers dropped, from 42% in 2013 and 40% in 2014 to 17% in 2015.

Communication and relation with Alsico

In 2013, 63 % of our customers answered with good or very good. This level of satisfaction rose to 71% in 2014, but then dropped again to 66 % in 2015.

Technical, sales and after sales support meet the expectations

This chart shows lower results in 2014 (62%), compared to 2013 (79%) and better customer satisfaction in 2015 (69%).


Our customers are satisfied about quality, conformity of deliveries and correspondence with technical specifications. Our product satisfaction is rather good whereas our service needs improvement.

Working points:

Reliability on confirmed deadlines. We are now working on a procedure to confirm orders within 48 hours. Technical, sales and after sales support meet the expectations, but offer room for improvement.

Innovation in comfort

In order to fulfil our mission, we are in constant search of innovation to improve our garments, fit and style, looks and comfort. Our patented A-move combines a breathable fabric with a specific assembly technique, which leads to better thermic comfort and more freedom of movement.

Innovation in the production chain

Shake Your Style is a manufacturing process innovation, which allows clients to customize workwear in many ways. Shake your Style allows clients to choose the garment’s desired model, fabric, color and pockets, as well as to add their company logo as required. Customers may choose from various colors and fabrics to design a unique creation.

Since its launch on 21 December 2012, the Shake Your Style range has proven highly successful and popular with clients and is today worn by staff operating within the restaurant, hospitality and care industries. The success of the brand was further demonstrated during 2014, when Alsico and the Shake Your Style range were awarded the Roularta Industry Award in its 'Best Practice in Manufacturing' category. Victory in this category proves the dynamics and dedication of Alsico employees and highlights the company’s ability to deliver high-quality workwear rapidly and at a competitive price.

Conservation of resources

Recycling end of life garments

Alsico has been recycling garments for over 5 years. We believe that, at this moment, recycling polycotton garments into clothing is not effective as there still is a large impact on the environment. We know it is possible to recycle cotton, but in order to produce quality garments, more than 50% of new cotton still has to be added. Another issue is that most of our garments are polycottons, and the yarns are intimate blended. End-of-life textile blends are difficult to recycle and often destined for incineration or landfill. Even if solutions exist, the impact for separating both streams is still very high at this moment, and Alsico has bypassed this problem by establishing a very effective up-cycling solution. This results in the recycling of used garments into non-woven materials: thermic and acoustic insulation used for many applications in the building industry. The material which is obtained, is sustainable insulation, which respects the health of both inhabitants and installers and has a guaranteed long life performance. It’s effective against cold and heat, but it also has exceptional acoustic properties. This way, we obtain a material which lasts for more than half a century, and we reduce our impact on the environment, whereas in the case we should recycle garments into garments, this process would have to be renewed every three years or less with the current techniques, causing every time the necessary impact again and again. Our recycling program is effective and has been approved by several representative European laundry companies. For 2015, we managed to recycle up to 550 tons of end of life garments.

Environmental product development

Alsico’s focus is on integrating sustainability in our products. Our R&D department is working to embed sustainability in our design language. We are sourcing innovative raw materials to deliver more sustainable products that express our DNA as a working clothes company.

Raw materials

Fabrics: total consumption 2015 2.000.000m

We strive to measure the CO2 footprint of raw material.

Sustainable collections

We translated our sustainable strategy into a sustainable capsule collection called A-green. This collection has been designed according to the specific needs of each sector (medical, horeca, services and industry). Three lines were created and every line has its ‘sustainable’ mascot: the koala for the care collection, the grizzly bear for the industry and the wolf for the image+ (hotel, catering & services) collection.

Product responsibility