Social responsibility
Support of social initiatives

As a socially responsible organization, we care for the people who work for us and we measure our impact wherever we operate. We respect our obligations towards the welfare and interests of the society in which we operate.

Support of social initiatives

Alsico has sponsored Team 931 which participated in the 4L trophy. Team 931 is composed of 2 students, which together decided to drive the 4L trophy, an endurance rally from Belgium to Morocco. The money they raised, went to the 2 following organizations:

Regional commitment at our locations


In Morocco, we support two local education projects: School for partially sighted and blind people. This school was founded by our production unit of CINDICO in 2007 in Sale and actually provides education to 40 partially sighted and blind people.


The Essayida El Horra school, which means « The free woman», is a public college situated in Salé. A large part of the children’s parents work at CINDICO. The school totals 1600 students aged from 11 to 13 years. Alsico participated actively in the organization of the library.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic we are an active and prominent supporter of an Education Center for training dogs for accompanying blind people.


Madagascar is a very poor country and has a lot of needs. Our company is situated in the center of three small villages. The connection between these villages and the main road to the capital used to be a natural road. This natural road, full of gigantic pits made access to the villages very hard. Alsico improved this accessibility by building a good quality road. This was done with local work force and local pavements, and today cars and trucks can drive along the road. This has made the connection between the villages and the main road much easier. Etoile, our company in Madagascar, is heavily involved in the local community, helping the ones in need, supporting local initiatives, sponsoring the school. We have recently started a soccer team in Etoile. Our team reached the semi finales on their first tournament!

Support of voluntary employee commitment

The Alsico employees are sponsoring a Plan International child, named “Boeury”, who lives in the region of Siem Reap in Cambodia. Thanks to Plan International, the following projects were accomplished:

Social responsibility